Posted on 03/04/2012 by Mistercocktail


All over the world bartenders are always looking for new combinations of flavours and spirits. Thta’s how it used to be and that’s how things will probably be forever. Because by doing this, new cocktails are born, just like you would try to do at home with cooking or maybe when you’re mixing your own cocktails.

Last week I wrote about the Gin Basil Smash – a cocktail that made  it’s way from a local bar to the gallery of Contemporary Classics. That cocktail was created by a great bartender called Jörg Meyer and the good thing is that around the world there are more bartenders curious enough to explore new combinations of flavours.

One of these bartenders is Max La Rocca, bartender at Ohla Boutique Bar in Barcelona, well worth the visit for a number of reasons, the person said being a one of them! Max is a very talented host and bartender, being amongst the leading explorists of new ways to create cocktails and drinking experiences for their customers. His bar previous bar was famous for their afternoon tea and he was looking for ways to incorporate the drinking of cocktails into the teadrinking-ritual. Also because he liked to serve cocktails rather then serving tea. The cocktail he designed for this is based on the way to serve tea, poured from a teapot. He named his drink “Irish Mermaid” for two reasons: the base ingredient for this cocktail is Irish Whiskey and the second reason is to pay his homage to the statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, where the Cherry Heering Liqueur is from.

Pour 35 ml a good quality Irish Whiskey, 10 ml Cherry Heering, 10 ml Aperol, 5 ml Orgeat Syrup and 2 dashes Angostura Bitters in a small teapot. Add ice and pour the contents into a small container, with enough room for the liquid to move around and to start foaming. Put the liquid back in the teapot and repeat all five or six times, when you think it’s ready!

Serve the drink in a nice cocktailglass (I used a small wineglass here) and use a nice zest of orange to garnish the drink.
You can do this by cutting a 2 x 5 cm piece of zest with a peeler, place it between your thumb and indexfinger and squeeze it with the orange side towards the glass.